Dance Videos

Is that Swing?!

SWING: Slotted Something: Coloring Outside of the Lines: $40 (click for trailer)

Over 30 of the most cutting edge SWING moves & variations! The MOST FUN you will ever have watching a dance instruction video!

SWING: Basics and Theory : $30
Learn all the basic moves and theory you will need to get started on the dance floor!

Digital Hip-Hop

HIP-HOP 101: Popping, Moonwalking, Waving, Robotics, Liquid, Strobing and Breaking and MORE! : $40

With this DVD, you will learn movements, theories and routines all at your own pace!

The Dark Man Show: DVD Experience

The Dark Man Show: A Comedy About the Devil : $25 (click for trailer)

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Are you read for a ride through Hell and back? Will God and Heaven Inc. win over Lucifer and Hell Inc? Find The Dark Man Show!

This DVD includes the complete, un-cut show, character interviews, audio commentary and more!