Production, Coaching & Choreography

Christopher can take your performance or show to the next level!  Whether in dance, music or theatre; from comedy to drama; Christopher will light a wild fire in your audience! 

Christopher offers:

  • Coaching
  • Choreography
  • Production and Direction

For more information read below or contact Christopher!

Christopher has been an entertainer (and psychologist) all of his life and knows the secrets of eliciting reactions from people.  He has worked with everyone from national dance champions to large-scale producers.  Let Christopher help you get the most out of your show!


Christopher has several price ranges depending on the type and amount of work required for your project. Contact Christopher for a quote!

For choreographed routines, additional private instruction can be purchased at a 20% discount

Here are the packages for performances up to 5 minutes in length.

    • Package 1:
      • Basic blocking
      • Flow & storyboard
      • 1 hour private instruction
    • Package 2:
      • Blocking, flow & storyboard
      • Moves & transitions
      • 3 hours private instruction
    • Package 3:
      • ChristoFUnk original design 
      • Start to finish
      • Private instruction time needed varies per project

Which package is right for you?

Package 1: For those who choreography their own moves and only receive consultation from the creative perspective.  This package also includes an analytical look at the structure and flow of the performance, and a detailed analysis of the music.

Package 2: ChristoFUnk will work with you on specific moves and mapping.  Everything from package one is included, plus specific ChristoFUnk original moves and styling.  This package enables a partnership between you and ChristoFUnk in the total creative process!

Package 3: Looking for something completely engineered by ChristoFUnk?  This requires a commitment on your part to be willing to be different, innovative and ready to rock the house!

Contact Christopher to get your project started now!