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  • Transient: A SuedeSoule Production. More information on this project in the "distant" future.


  • Broken Windows:
    Click for sample: (2.6mb)
    Check out the performance that made Christopher a US Open Dance Champion! Christopher portrays a robot in a variety of scenarios to live out your computer tutorial nightmares right on stage!
  • ChristoFUnk as Michael Jackson:
    Click for sample: (2.6mb)
    Christopher proudly presents his choreography inspired by the master of the moonwalk himself!
  • Episode 2.1: Attacking the Clones:
    Click for Sample: (2.5mb)
    Christopher shows you the dark side of Swing dancing with slow-motion and mirror image swing moves that, at times, barely even resemble the dance! 


  • Something Different (Plan B): This is Christopher’s musical brain-child.  You might want just “Enjoy the Show” and not listen to the words…or you can step into Christopher’s world.  Learn more about this music!
  • The 3 Heads: Chris-Jacula was the drummer for this band...they've had to part ways so that Christopher could pursue his acting projects and the band could start their tour...but Christopher still thinks they're the best band in LA!  Visit!
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