Audio Mixing & Editing:

Looking for the right music or audio mix for a show? 

Chris’ productions give you the impact and innovative edge that you are looking for!

Chris offers:

  • Creation: Full creation of your “soundtrack” from start to finish
  • Editing: Top quality equipment and software for a professional final mix
  • Consultation: Professional advice to ensure you have just the right “audio ingredients”

Chris’ productions can help you break the bonds of normalcy.  He produces professional quality mixes and performance soundtracks that are as amazing as they are different!

For more information read below or contact Chris!


Pricing depends on the type and amount of work required for your project requires.  Contact Chris for a price quote and details about what level is right for you!

All services include a free consultationa and basic materialsb at no extra charge! 

    • Level 1: Basic cut and paste edit
    • Level 2: Add Beat Mixing
    • Level 3: Add sound FX and audio enhancements
    • Level 4: Total music engineering
    • Level 5: ChristoFUnk original design

Price quotes are guaranteed at time of contract, no matter how long the project takes!

a Free 30-minute intital consultation is crucial for the communication of ideas and timelines. 

b Free materials include: 2 CDs and 1 mini-jewel case.  For each additional CD add $2. (USA) 

What do the levels mean?

  • A basic cut and paste means that you provide the songs and we put the pieces together. 
  • Beat mixing refers to mixing or overlaying audio.  Sound FX and audio enhancements refer to added layers of sounds, manipulation audio qualities and other effects. 
  • Total music engineering is a start to finish product based on your concepts. 
  • A ChristoFUnk original design means that you tell us what you are going for and what’s involved…and then expect the unexpected…

Contact Chris to get your project started now