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Christopher's credits continue to grow!

Christopher has worked as a guest-star and co-star on every major TV network. (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX)

Christopher booked a speaking role in the film "Something Like a Business" and co-star roles on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and House M.D.

Christopher's credit continue to grow on!

The Dark Man Show ran for six weeks and closed in the black!

Christopher's swing student, got GOLD in her first Pro-Am at Summer Dance Camp!

Christopher placed in Champions Just Dance Swing Memorial Day weekend!


Chris gets great reviews from press and audience members alike! Learn more about Christopher’s shows!

The Dark Man Show Reviews:

"The mind - intellect - wit...the characters he creates are inspired, as is the concept of the piece.

DeMaci is an excellent dancer.

DeMaci is both accessible and scary, depending on the character he's depicting.

Christopher builds up the finale, like a gifted ringmaster."

"Hi Chris. Saw your show last night and LOVED IT! The Characters are brilliant (so are the transitions), and I laughed my head off! I'll never forget Nick Pane. Great idea to put your dancing and comic talents together--very rare and exciting." -Jane Alcala

"Saw you tonite. Man, you really know how to mess with peoples minds! I'm reeling. I'll forever be willing to support the performing arts when it's delivered so selflessly and completely. You rocked!" -Frank Altomonte

"Chris, you are genius!! I can't believe how funny and entertaining your show is. Michael and I both enjoyed your performance beyond words. And to think ALL that came out of your mind... music, dance, comedy and truth. Wow! You have been given a gift and are giving it back to your audience. I loved The Dark Man Show!! You rock!! luv, Katie."

Dance class testimonials:

"I really enjoyed your workshop. When ever we saw someone who was in the Hip Hop class we would begin the dance and then crack up laughing!"

"We started using your West Coast Swing moves since we always need a crutch before we can be creative. We will probably only see you at dance events but it gives us something to look forward to."

"I admire your creativity, attitude AND energy!"

-Carol Krok, Redlands, CA