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Christopher is a natural performer, artist and instructor. Just on the edge of bizarre, Christopher creates experiences for film and stage audiences nationwide that are charged with energy, emotion and the invisible undercurrents of the human condition. 

As an actor, Christopher has an indefinable quality that draws people in.  He has since been in countless commercials, tv shows, feature films, short films and a variety of stage productions. As evidenced by a 50% call-back rate and 25% booking rate, Chirstopher has become a favorite by casting directors and directors alike due to his due to his professionalism, ability and passion for the craft. Christopher has even had roles re-written to fit his type so that a director could cast him in his or her projects!

In dance, Christopher began his professional training in 1993 focusing on Swing, Hip-Hop (Funk Styles), Hustle and Country-Western.  Among a multitude of credits, Christopher holds a 1st and 3rd place from the US Open Swing Dance Championships Cabaret Division.  As a teacher, Christopher is respected for his ability to convey complex concepts, instill confidence and create an energy that leaves you wanting more! 

In music and audio editing, Christopher takes pride in his mixes that take performances over the top!  Christopher also became an influential DJ at the largest nightclubs in Southern California making live beat mixing popular in country-western music!  Christopher played the piano as a child, later adding drums, guitar and vocals.  Currently, he performs and composes for a project he calls “Something Different” and, until his acting career begin to take off, he played drums for “The 3 Heads.”

Christopher’s current goals are to continue his development as a screen actor, have his screenplay produced and perform a stand-up comedy routine. Christopher's long term goal is to develop an esoteric production, which extends beyond the workings of the human mind to elicit laughter, shock, confusion and unbridled excitement. 

Christopher will climb a mountain, not to look at the view from the top, but to see what other mountains there are to climb.

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